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Arrow Cutting Mat 36x48


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A cutting mat is a necessary accessory to have in any sewing room.  Our heavy duty, pinnable mats are large enough to handle almost any project, and come in two different sizes – one is specifically designed to fit atop our Dingo Cutting and Storage Cabinet.  The Arrow Mat measures 56″ x 33″ 

Both cutting mats feature a colorful, high visibility, one-inch quilter’s grid for accurate rotary cutting, along with helpful measurements in 1/8″ increments on all four sides. They also feature markings for 30-45-60 degree angles and 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ bias strips.  1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and one-yard increments are also marked. Use with  fabric, leather, film, vinyl, and paper.

Our cutting mats are pinnable as well as “self–healing”. Contrary to popular belief, there are no true self-healing mats. Arrow mats appear to heal because the material does not separate when a small cut is made to the surface.

Because the mats are made of one layer of polymer, they are less prone to warping and can be rolled to transport, ship, or temporarily store.  To extend the life of your cutting mat, flat storage is best.  As with all mats, repeated heavy use will cause it to wear out.

Note: Cutting Mat ships rolled up. Be sure to open and lay flat upon delivery.

Arrow Cutting Mat Deminsions:

  • 56″ x 33″