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Miele RX2 Home Vision Robotic Vacuum

Corner Brush

Sweeping side brushes for thorough cleaning

Clean all over: The sweeping side brushes extend over the unit and can reach any corner.

AirClean Plus filter

AirClean Plus filter for an excellent environment

Traversing onto carpet

Confidently over edges and wires
With its powerful motor and anti-skid wheels, the Scout masters the transition from smooth floors to carpet without any problem. Even thresholds do not throw it off balance. So you can be reassured that the Miele robot vacuum cleaner will steadily follow its route – to clean your home effectively.
The AirClean Plus filter ensures that dust and debris remains where it belongs: in the dust box. The effective filtration ensures particularly clean room air.

Home Mapping

Virtual map of your home
The Scout RX2 navigates systematically through the rooms and generates a virtual map. It can then find the ideal path for comprehensive and efficient cleaning. Using the app, the map can be used to check where the robot vacuum cleaner is at that particular moment, as well as where it has already cleaned.


Set start time to whenever you want.
With the Scout you can program the floor cleaning times individually. You can have it work, for instance, when you are not even at home. The Scout will begin cleaning at the selected time. The appliance then returns to the base station on its own to recharge the battery. So feel free to go out while the Scout cleans your home.