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Baby Lock Limited Edition 55th Anniversary Serger EF-205

Koichi Sakuma pioneered the world's first home lockstitch sewing machine in 1956, aiming to simplify fabric edge sewing. Despite challenges, he developed a prototype by 1963, leading to the debut of the “baby lock EF-205” and the renowned "baby lock" brand in 1968. Sakuma's innovation, including features like the "Automatic Threading Delivery System" and “Looper Air Threading”, continues to drive Baby Lock's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation today. Learn more about the history of the first Baby Lock serger here.

Lighting: 3 LEDs
Maximum Stitch Width: 7.5mm
Maximum Stitch Length: 4mm
Number of Needles: 2
Needle Threader Type: ExtraordinAir
Thread Cutter Type: Built-In
Number of Feet Included: 1
Feeding System Type: Differential
Tension System: Automatic
Accessory Storage: 1
Rolled Hem: Built-In
Maximum Number of Threads: 4
Two-Thread Overlock Conversion: 1
Presser Foot Type: Snap-On